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  • called two days prior to upgrading my package so that I could watch one show. The rep stated that I could add the package and cancel it the next day, but there would be a $4.99 charge to do it. Fine. When I called to cancel the upgraded service I got some rude rep who told me that my total bill would now be more money than it was less than 24 hours ago for the EXACT same service. I was pissed. I told him that I called two days prior and nobody told me that and he basically said he’s sorry, but too bad. So I had to downgrade my service to a lesser package than what I had prior to this for the same price.
  • When I had Cablevision installed a yr, they promised me $85 a mo and free dvr for 2 yrs. It’s a yr later and I’m now paying for the dvr. They claim I was in the system for 1 yr. They lied!!!!! Should have gotten it in writing. Also, dial up is faster than the internet speed they’re giving me!!!! Too bad Verizon is not available in my area. Cablevision also charges more in Brookhaven township. Probably cause they know we can’t get Verizon. Terrible.

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