Our office handles meritorious cases on a contingency basis. We welcome inquiries regarding the following types of cases:

  • Employment Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Wrongful Retaliation and Whistleblower Protection
  • Overtime, Wage & Hour Disputes
  • Non-Competition Agreements
  • Severance Agreement Negotiations
  • Employment Class Actions

Here are some suggestions for presenting your claim:

  1. Simple Explanation of the Case

A straightforward case is easier to litigate and explain to a jury or judge. Be prepared to provide a concise explanation of your claim, with further details only if requested. Specify the type of discrimination or wrongful conduct involved. Generalized unfair treatment may not constitute a legal claim.

  1. Evidence of the Claim

Provide the lawyer with evidence of discrimination, which may include documents prepared by the employer, witness statements, and other relevant evidence. Claims based solely on the plaintiff’s testimony can be challenging to substantiate, given the inherent bias in favor of one’s own claims. Be ready to explain how your claim is independently verified.

  1. Explain Facts, Not Law

Understanding the law is the attorney’s responsibility. Your task as the client is to explain and provide factual support for your claim.

  1. Demonstrate Damages

Clarify how you’ve suffered financial losses, such as lost wages.

  1. Expect Tough Questions

While an hourly lawyer is paid regardless of the outcome and may accept the client’s version of events, a contingency lawyer is compensated only upon success. Therefore, expect rigorous questioning, even regarding your own version of events, to ensure its credibility under scrutiny.

  1. Be Cooperative

A lawyer will appreciate a client who assists with the claim and maintains realistic expectations.

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