1. Are there limits to how much lawyers that work on contingency charge?

Most states impose limits on contingency fees for personal injury cases. However, these limits generally do not apply to commercial and other types of cases.

2. Is there a certain percentage that is charged?

In personal injury cases, the percentage of the contingency fee may be dictated by law or regulations. However, in other types of cases, there can be variations in fee structures. For instance, the lawyer may charge a different percentage or calculate the fee based on time spent, with the condition that time charges only apply if the case is successful.

3. I do not have a lot of money but seem to be having difficulty getting a contingency lawyer to take my case, even though various lawyers I’ve spoken to believe my case is strong

In hourly fee arrangements, the lawyer receives payment regardless of the case’s outcome. However, clients may end up paying substantial amounts if the case extends longer than anticipated, the opposing party is uncooperative, or there are unforeseen delays. Hourly fee arrangements shift the risks onto the client, which is appealing to lawyers. On the other hand, in contingency fee arrangements, the lawyer assumes these risks. Visit our webpage to understand the factors lawyers consider and learn how to present your claim in the most compelling manner.

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