Many contract disputes can be expensive to litigate by the hour. Legal fees can quickly climb above $50,000 or even $100,000. That’s why we offer contingency-fee arrangements for contract cases. In a contingency case, you only pay us if we win your contract case or reach a settlement.

Increase Your Chances of Having Your Case Accepted on Contingency:

  • Clearly Explain Your Case: Have your contract ready and be prepared to explain which specific clauses were breached and how. Did you notify the other party in writing about the breach?
  • Provide Strong Evidence: The stronger your evidence, the better. This could include documents, emails, or expert reports that support your claim.
  • Focus on Facts, Not Law: It’s our job to understand the legal issues. Explain the factual situation clearly and concisely.
  • Prior Legal Consultations: If you’ve spoken with other lawyers, that’s okay. We’ll make our own assessment regardless of their decisions.

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